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Air-Sound-Hydronic Professionals

Associated Air Balance meets stringent TABB standards in all work performed

TABB is an organization made up of heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry professionals. TABB establishes and directs an international certification program for technicians, supervisors and contractors engaged in testing, adjusting and balancing of all building environmental systems.

This assures building owners and engineers their HVAC systems:

  • Meet design specifications
  • Run in an energy-efficient manner
  • Aid in providing good indoor air quality

Associated Air Balance has completed the following TABB Certifications:

  • Supervisor
  • Sound and Vibration Supervisor
  • Commissioning Supervisor
  • Indoor Air Quality Supervisor
  • Fire Life Safety Level I Supervisor

Associated Air Balance is required to maintain compliance with the TABB Code of Conduct:

"TABB Certified Professionals practice their profession consistent with the leading TABB procedures and the highest quality of workmanship."